How to Repair Color-Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is over-processed and frail. The harsh chemicals present in the dying products strip your hair not only of luster but also of natural oils that are essential for healthy locks, leaving it dull, dreary and lifeless. However, rejuvenating damaged hair and restoring it to a healthier state is possible if you follow a few simple tips.

Use Specialized Shampoo

Washing your hair with a specialized shampoo for color-treated hair is the first steep towards reducing the color damage. Use warm water to wash your hair and give the final rinse with cold water to seal the opened-up cuticles. Moreover, don’t shampoo your color-treated hair daily or you’ll deteriorate the condition.

Conditioning Treatments

Following up the color treatment with conditioning treatment is a great way to give your hair shinier and more vibrant look. One thing to remember here is that, conditioners can only restore shine to the hair; they won’t undo the damage inflicted by the color-treatment.

While plenty of chemical-based conditioners are available on drugstores, it is always better to use homemade conditioners or oils to rejuvenate your already damaged hair. Avocado and coconut milk conditioner can be a great conditioner for color-treated hair. Alternatively, you can also use hot-oil treatment to condition your locks deeply.

Cut Back on Hot Tools

Cut back on blow-dryers and let your hair dry out in natural air. Also cut back on heat-styling tools such as curling or flat irons as they can further damage your hair.

Get Regular Trims

Maintain regular trims every four-six weeks to prevent split end and restore shine and making them manageable. It will allow you damaged hair to be over taken by strong, healthy hair which is growing from the roots.

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