Is My Hair Too Short for Extensions?

Ever miss the days when you could throw your hair up in a quick ponytail and run out the door? Or thought about the moment you decided to chop it off with a hint of regret? Naturally, we all want to turn to extensions when we’ve made a questionable decision at the salon. And who wouldn’t? Hair extensions give us beautiful length and volume at the snap of our fingers! (Ok, maybe not that fast, but it’s definitely faster than the alternative.) But sometimes we look in the mirror and wonder if our hair is long enough for extensions.


If you are looking to add instant length to your hair you’ll want the shortest layer on the back of your head to reach the occipital bone (where the neck and head connect). This is essential in creating a balanced and proportionate look from front to back. Tape-In extensions are a great solution for women who want extra length now! Their lightweight design is flexible, non-damaging, and allows your natural hair to grow out with the extension (remember to schedule maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks). Once you get them installed, you’ll have the freedom to wear it up, down, curly, braided, or however you want!


If your back layer doesn’t quite reach the occipital bone, don’t worry! Just because your hair is too short in the back, doesn’t mean it’s too short in the front. You still have plenty of options to make a change to your hairstyle by adding fullness, volume, or even a pop of color to your natural hair. Or, you can add a bit of length in the front to create an A-Line style with Fusion extensions.


With whatever option you choose with your hair extensions (and we can’t emphasize this enough) always, always, always BLEND. It’s important to frame your face and connect the layers to create a natural transition between your natural hair and extensions. You want people to notice your extensions for all the right reasons, not the wrong ones.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how short your hair is. Extensions offer creative solutions for anyone who is looking to make a change (big or small) to their hairstyle.

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